The Product

Innovation at its best!

Ovtene products wrap, bend, and
fold just like your traditional paper
or plastic packaging…but are
100% recyclable and postpone

Ovtene is primarily composed of bio-materials
(calcium carbonate and other trace mineral
ingredients). The physical properties of Ovtene
maintain the organoleptic characteristics of food.
Therefore extending the life of your cold cuts, sliced
cheese, fresh meat, seafood, produce and baked

Our Products- Personal & Commercial

food packaging sheets

Using Ovtene in your daily life…

Graph stating which Ovtene packaging to use for different food types

Ovtene is better…

Ovtene packaging has 40% polyethylene versus traditional packaging that has 100% polyethylene.

Traditional plastic alternatives are made of 100% polyethylene. Ovtene
is primarily composed of calcium carbonate and other trace minerals.
This reduces the amount of plastic used by 60% while preserving
resources and reducing waste.

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Why it works…

Thanks to its unique physical structure, Ovtene is resistant to liquids and permeable to gases. This creates an ideal microclimate against the proliferation of molds and other agents that deteriorate fresh food products.