Our Vision

Don’t fear, Ovtene is here!

Ovtene is a company based in
Italy, with recent expansion to the
US. We have introduced Ovtene
products to the major markets but
we also want to reach the
consumer at home.

It’s important for everyone to have acccess to the next
generation of food packaging, which will conserve
resources, reduce waste and maintain ease of use!

Ovtene is very interested in the longevity of this planet!
Currently, one-third of food produced all over the world
goes to waste, for all sorts of reasons. However, Ovtene
can help make an impact on this statistic by extending
the life of your food!

Ovtene is also more environmentally favorable because
of the way it is produced. Approximately 20 gallons of
water are used to manufacture 2.2 pounds of paper,
whereas Ovtene is manufactured using no water.
Ovtene is 100% recyclable and uses 55% less plastic
resin than competitive plastic packaging.

What do Ovtene users have to say…

Paul Bertolli, Founder/CEO, Fra’Mani Handcrafted Foods
“I have packed both sliced and whole pieces of our salame
and salumi cotti and refrigerated them for various periods of time
and found the paper to protect the product in a way that I have
never seen before, preserving moisture while allowing the
product to breathe.”
Dean Mixon, President, Mixon Fruit Farms
“Great results!!! We opened the boxes today after 28 days. The
difference between the limes using Ovtene, is nothing short of